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Social Media September 20, 2009

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Well it’s been a few weeks since I’ve written but I’ve been extremely busy.  First I went to Denver for a week – fun times!  Second I’ve been taking seminars and webinars learning all about the social media channels.  And last, but certainly not least, still in job search mode.

Let me just say that I’m captivated by Social Media.   I initially wanted to learn about it in order to help me land a job.  But now I realize it’s the way the business world is going and there’s no turning back (and who would want to).  I guess you can tell that I’m just amazed by it all.  And I know that it will only get better. 

My social media journey began about six/seven months ago.  I started on Facebook and LinkedIn.  I use Facebook as my friend’s platform.  It’s a place I connect with friends and stay current on what’s going on in their lives (I’ve had so much fun reconnecting with high school friends over the last few weeks).  And yes I play the games and take the quizzes!  If you do intend to use it for business, be very careful – join a group that targets your customers; form a group of like-minded fans; and then ask fans of the first group to join your group.  My understanding is that Facebook has a strict policy about using their site as a business engagement.

LinkedIn is a good place for business contacts – that’s all I use it for.  It’s a great place to house your resume, recommendations, join groups, search for jobs, etc.  I’ve taken several seminars on LinkedIn and have learned something new every time.  It’s such a multi-faceted tool.

Twitter was my next stop.   I initially joined Twitter to see what all the buzz was about and instantly I was sucked in (not in a bad way.)  I use Twitter as a business platform.  I tweet about the marketing/advertising industry (http://twitter.com/AdvertisingLady).  This helps me stay current on issues and share with other like-minded individuals.  I tweet about 10 times a day. But I wanted to learn more about this medium so I started taking webinars and reading books on Twitter.  I wanted to learn how to use it more effectively, how to build a customized page (haven’t done that yet), how to measure, and how to just have some fun.   I follow some really interesting people and learn something new every day.  “As Facebook is a requirement to say that you understand the internet, Twitter says you are cutting edge (source – John Paul Souza).

I also found some other interesting sites and I’m just getting started with them – biznik, Fastpitch Networking, Plaxo, Merchant Circle and Q Alias.

What I’ve learned is Social Media is here to stay.  It’s only going to grow and morph into something that will enhance the way we interact with friends, potential friends, customers, potential customers!   It’s a place where business, both B2B and B2C, must be to stay relevant with their consumers; building relationships and maintaining a consistent presence with them.  Social Media is here and it’s not going anywhere!  So learn it, use it and don’t abuse it.


Stay positive.







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