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Resume, Resume, Resume August 9, 2009

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This is what I’ve discovered since becoming unemployed – drum roll please – there are millions of resume experts in the world!  Everywhere you go, every site you visit, every other e-mail is someone telling you how to craft a resume.  I know, I do appreciate all the help but it does create confusion in several areas: functional vs. chronological, years of employment history, year on your college degree, etc.  I’ve actually revised my resume four times in six months.  I do believe my resume is much better than the original.

Resume #1, way too much information making it four pages long!  I thought I had to cram everything I did in my lifetime into my resume.  But with the help of an expert, I got it down to two pages.  Resume #2, now it was too generic.  I had removed too much, sacrificing my most important accomplishments and their results.  Not good!  So onto resume #3, added back in my biggest accomplishments and their results, included only 15 years of work experience, made the font smaller and rearrange my header.  Much better so I thought. 

I was on monster.com one evening and noticed a “Free” comprehensive resume evaluation button.  I thought it couldn’t hurt.  It’s free.  So off went my resume to another expert.  I received a phone call three days later from a gentleman, who represented a company called Bakos Group.  We chatted for about 20 minutes and  he actually gave me some valuable tips for free.  Of course, he wanted me to go one step further and paid for a professional writer to revise my resume for around $200.  I politely declined and we completed our call.  He also followed up with an e-mail.  All FREE.  What a pleasant surprise.

All this to say there is no right or wrong way to write a resume.  Competition is fierce so your resume needs to set you apart from the masses. It needs to be a passionate representation of who you are and why you are the best person for the job.  Below are the must haves that are in my resume.  So revise away and take on the competition!

  • Select the right resume type that works for you – chronological, functional and combination – This depends on the industry you are in and years of experience
  • Keep layout clean and easy to read
  • Make sure you have NO spelling errors
  • Profile – describe yourself in a brief paragraph
  • Professional Experience – most say 15 years of work experience
  • Education – I have my graduation year listed
  • Awards/Honors
  • Professional Memberships or Certifications

Stay positive.







5 Responses to “Resume, Resume, Resume”

  1. Jamey Says:

    Great tips Cheryl! One thing I would add is that – once you have your resume how you like it per your suggestions – thinking about your resume shouldn’t stop once you’ve landed a job. I recently undertook the process of updating my resume after being at the same company for several years, and it has been an extremely difficult process.

    I think it’s a good idea that every year – employed or not – one should sit down and look at what they’ve accomplished in the last year and reflect that in their resume. It will save a lot of work in the long run if and when there ever comes a time you need it.

    • cherylsjohnson Says:

      Yes very good tip. It helps with the accomplishment/success stories. It took me some time to gather data on my successes. If I would have written them down as I completed them, it would have made it a lot easier.

  2. Pete Weisell Says:


    I agree that there is no ONE way to write a resume. You need to consider several things – which you pointed out. But there are indeed MANY ways to write on wrong.


  3. Robert Says:

    Great blog. I enjoy it.

  4. Thomas Garvin Says:

    Cheryll, after many years of climbing the ladder in my industry (many relocations which had put much stress on my family), I decided to transfer my experience and skills to another industry that was less mobile. I sought help from other resume services. For more than 2 years, my job search got me nowhere. Believing it was the job market, I was very frustrated. My neighbor thought I should have another professional review my resume. Frankly, I was stunned to hear that I was being typecast in another industry. Believing that employers and recruiters would recognize my background, I never gave it another thought. Bakos Group (BakosGroup.com), the service you mentioned in your article) removed the typecast effect. I then started to get interviews. Yep, I changed jobs, I am extremely happy (my 3 children are seeing me more, not to mention my wife), and I being considered for a promotion. This would never had happened if I didn’t change my resume, produced by BakosGroup.com.

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