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Top 10 List of Unemployment Benefits August 2, 2009

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10)   40 more hours to spend with family & friends

 9)    Saves wear and tear on the Snooze button

 8)    No Suits, No Shoes, No PROBLEM

 7)    No waiting in line at the gym

 6)    8+ hours of sleep each night

 5)    75% reduction in commuter road rage

 4)    Unlimited Blogging & Face Booking

 3)    Zero-based budgeting has a whole new meaning

 2)    Time to make an audition tape for Survivor (reality TV show)

And the #1 unemployment benefit

1)     Endless vacation days


Disclaimer:  This is a satire piece.  I truly would like to be employed!


6 Responses to “Top 10 List of Unemployment Benefits”

  1. Pete Weisell Says:


    I liked the Top 10 very much. Now, maybe if you can get that guy at The Late Show to do it on the air…..

  2. Mary Malooly Says:

    Very clever. I enjoyed reading this post and the others you wrote and wish you the very best in your search.

  3. samirdatar Says:


    Great Blog… went through all of them and boy! do I have stories too but out in this country, it is not very nice to say you don’t have a job so will tell them one day when I have got that job going! (been thinking about it for last 8 months)… till then.. will read your posts and identify with them (minus the panty hose of course!)

  4. Rachel Money Says:

    I love it – you crack me up.

  5. Christa Says:

    That is great! : ) love the snooze button one.

  6. Julie Says:

    Great idea Cheryl!!
    But you forgot one thing – NO pantyhose!!
    At least until interview days!!!

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